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Overland Vehicle Systems

OVS Shackle Rope (19129903)

OVS Shackle Rope (19129903)

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Product Description

OVS Soft Shackles: Unleash the Power of Innovation! Experience the revolution of Dyneema, a low-friction fiber that transforms the way you handle recoveries. Our soft shackles effortlessly accommodate braided synthetic lines, making traditional snatch blocks a thing of the past. With strength that puts wire ropes to shame and breaking limits that dwarf stainless steel shackles, we redefine what durability means.

Features and Benefits

  • Lighter and stronger than traditional shackles
  • 3-inch Class 2 diamond knotpeace of mind.
  • Super lightweight material
  • Standard soft shackles with protective sleeve
  • Quick deploying storage bag
  • Safer to use



  •     Diameter (IN): 7/16 Inch
  •     Loop Diameter (IN): 6 - 1/2 Inch
  •     Length (IN): 23 Inch
  •     Load Rating (LB): 44000 Pound
  •     Color: Red/ Gray
  •     Material: Synthetic Fiber
  •     With Sleeve: Yes


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